Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011


i always tend to get the blues around christmas holidays, because of the gloomy weather outside and the short days. here's a little snippet of an improvisation i just played along about an half an hour to, keeping in mind that winter feeling. hope you like it and if i still feel like doing it tomorrow, i'll upload longer and, sincerely spoken, much better played ones.

so long, guys.

hey, shanghai, how does winter feel to you?

let's see how the world is going to be tomorrow

hey folks,

this is the first post on my all new, all awesome blog. as i am not sure already how this is going to turn out i'll prefer to keep this anonymous until the day of revealing has come, by it's own. until that, greetings to everyone who hit upon this words by fortune, or misfortune.
i've been to Hamburg, Germany these days and i was so enlightened by this charming city and it's people that i think about living there for the rest of my life, or at least the time of my college days, i'd be lucky to get in touch with people living there.

so long, guys.